Present Time No. 112 

(Vol. 30 No. 3) July 1998

"Together, with all our knowledge and love, there is nothing we cannot do."

Medicine Story


Table of Contents

  1. From the Editor
  2. Appreciations

Feature Articles

  1. Taking Stock of Ourselves

World Wide Change

  1. A Theory Based on Practice and that Informs Practice
  2. Heartened at the Response
  3. Cameroon RCers Respond to Disaster
  4. Cameroun RC Répond à Désastre
  5. Respect Children
  6. "We Want to Develop the Art of Listening"
  7. Achieving Meaningful Leadership Against Oppression
  8. Women Reach, Men Respond and Unite Against Oppression
  9. Understatement
  10. How Capitalism Works
  11. The Naked Face of Racism
  12. Working-Class Theater Revives
  13. Being Real About Integrity in the Ozarks
  14. Trading One's Patterns Away for Success
  15. Young People Show the Way
  16. Clean Out Racism from Our Language
  17. Parents Building Unity
  18. A Faculty Activist
  19. Experienced Leader Becomes New Editor

RC Practice

  1. It Really Works!
  2. Discharging Shame
  3. Een Wonder Om In Te Geloven
  4. English translation of previous article:
  5. Turn the Determination to the Positive Direction
  6. Don't Pass Me that Donut: I'm Sweet Enough!
  7. Special Use of a Second Language
  8. New Mother
  9. Great Expectations Met in "Inherent Reality" Class
  10. High Expectations of RC Leaders and Their Relationships


  1. Early Sexual Memories and Understatements
  2. It Sometimes Happens
  3. A Turnaround?
  4. It Sometimes Happens that a Woman Remembers that God Is Not a Man
  5. Getting to the Second Step
  6. Laconic Australians
  7. Eyes Opened
  8. Some Fine Points
  9. Way of Accessing and Simplifying Reality
  10. Generating New Ones
  11. Take a Chance
  12. The Clearest Thinking I Have Experienced

Community Building

  1. Report on an RC Workshop in Nairobi, Kenya 27th February to 1st March, 1998
  2. Rapport Co-écoute dans la province de l'Est Cameroun
  3. Enthusiasm Leading to Success
  4. The Change in Us All
  5. A Different South Africa
  6. Opportunity to Expand Your Life Through a Re-evaluation Counselling Course
  7. High Expectations in an Ongoing Class
  8. Teaching in Hong Kong
  9. News from Germany
  10. Applying What We Know About Human Beings in Our Teaching and Leading
  11. Letter to My Classmates
  12. Teaching as a Window
  13. Broad Growth in Oregon
  14. A Small Special Group at a Big Workshop
  15. Meeting New Situations
  16. In the Family and with Friends
  17. From an Application to Teach RC


  1. Keep the Basics Clear - A Challenge for All Young People
  2. Mujer y pobreza
  3. We're All
  4. Forging Alliances
  5. Greetings from Éire!
  6. Guidelines for Middle-Class Co-Counselors in Thinking About Working-Class People
  7. Complete Consideration for All
  8. Men in RC: A Working-Class Man's Point of View
  9. Many-Issue Leadership
  10. Understand Each Person's Roles
  11. An Interpreter's Perspective
  12. Flourish
  13. Invite Them to Learn But Not While Working
  14. The Complexities of Communication
  15. Person-Pattern
  16. My Experience as a Hearing-Impaired Person
  17. New RC Liberation Movement Taking Form
  18. Deaf and Hearing-Impaired People
  19. Allies to Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing People

Targeted People

  1. Drugs in the Criminal Justice System
  2. Drugging Is Always Damaging

In the Mail

  1. Seeking My "Same" Background
  2. The Only Authority I Need
  3. Try My Web Site
  4. Newly
  5. Working Class, Shop Steward, and Re-emergent Man
  6. Ik heb veel geleerd
  7. Reminded to Be Rational
  8. Such a Good Model
  9. Go for It!
  10. The Joy of the World
  11. What Was Valuable to Me
  12. Cleaning Up the Past
  13. Good Words for "The List"
  14. Some History About Oppression
  15. Understating
  16. "Ancient Goddesses" Intervene

Information Coord.

  1. Women Reclaiming Physical Power
  2. People Working in Women's Centers
  3. Adult Children


  1. Love That's Impossible to Ignore
  2. A Full Life for Every Family Member
  3. In the Present
  4. "Together, with all our knowledge and love, there is nothing we cannot do."

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