From the Editor
Present Time No. 112 (Vol.30 No. 3)

Welcome to the July 1998 Present Time! Inside you'll find a useful article by Harvey Jackins, which puts our current activities and insights into context; a lively discussion about deaf oppression and sign language interpreters; many examples of thoughtfully and courageously "going public" with RC, sometimes on a national scale; and all kinds of news from nineteen different countries!

Thank you very much for responding to our request and sending us your drawings and photos. (Look for them in this and future issues.) We hope you'll keep it up! And don't hesitate to send in artwork even if it's the first time you ever drew a picture.

The deadlines for the October '98 Present Time are: September 1st for articles, poems, and artwork; September 8th for workshop announcements and list changes.

Lisa Kauffman
719 Second Avenue North

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