Care of the Environment

The RC Communities and Climate Change

2022 Goal: Unified Goal on the Climate

Sustaining All Life (SAL) displayed this and other posters in our booths at COP27. They are available to download as a fundraiser for SAL.  

Draft Policy and Program

Past Goals


Breaking Boundaries: The Science of Our Planet – Important Netflix documentary (1 hr. 14 min.)  This video presents the science behind a handful of tipping points (boundaries humanity can’t cross without triggering irreversible changes). 10-minute trailer

Key Environmental Issues


Key outcomes agreed at the UN biodiversity conference in Montreal, December 2022, reported in Carbon Brief.

Plastic Pollution

The world's plastic pollution crisis explained. National Geographic, 2019

Check out the Plastic Pollution Coalition.


10 Deforestation Facts You Should Know About from Earth.Org (2022)

Air Pollution

An estimated 4.2 to 7 million people die from air pollution worldwide every year and that nine out of 10 people breathe air that contains high levels of pollutants. World Health Organization

Materials Developed by Co-Counselors

intended for the Public

Resources for Leading

RC Articles

 RC Community Activities

T-shirts, Hankies, Pamphlets, and Posters


See also Climate Change and Sustaining All Life

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