Go for It!

Hello. My name is Manu Rauhihi, and I am the RC National Liberation Leader for Maoris in Australia, a position given to me by Kerrie Tim, the RC International Liberation Reference Person for Indigenous Australians.

I have just completed two RC workshops this week. The first was for black leaders, and the second was for national leaders and teachers. It was a pleasure to be with so many good people, listen to some new information, watch demonstrations, listen to young people, remember my humanity and others', and discharge.

I find it useful to connect with other blacks before a workshop when I know we will be a minority group. Re-establishing my connections with blacks and people of colour is a great way to contradict my isolation and internalised racism.

I noticed my attention was out a lot more often than it used to be. I have been Co-Counseling for almost three years and have made huge moves toward my liberation. At the two workshops I noticed my complete intelligence and that my whole body knew just what to do. I was literally dripping with sweat the whole time I was there. My terror was being discharged at a rapid rate. I have recently worked out that my intelligence is within every cell of my body, not just my brain. My "complete intelligence" now means all of me.

It certainly got very hard. My internalised racism had me thinking many times that the distress was real, but I also noticed that because I have the strength, courage, and boldness to go for what I want - that is, my liberation and that of all humans - I am a leader. I decided I could lead and that I could trust my thinking and push the Maori people a little more on their internalised racism. I am not going to give up. I need them, and they need me.

I have a vision. I want to see more black people, more people of colour, and more young people leading in the world. I have a vision that we will encourage and support each other to do this. I see myself going for what I want without competing, without feeling less than or more than, and being able to be close to anyone I choose.

I appreciate all of your stories, articles, and insights in Present Time, and all I can say is, "Go for it!"

Manu Rauhihi
Mt. Barker, South Australia, Australia

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