The Naked Face of Racism

I have gotten involved with the recent drop in minority admissions here on campus. Admissions of Chicanos and African Americans will drop by forty percent next year. I gave a speech to an audience at the Cross Cultural Center. I felt like I had to stick my neck out as we are looking at a projected six percent enrollment of Chicano, African American, and Native American students on campus with the abolishment of affirmative action.

After I gave the speech, everyone wanted a copy. It is referred to as the "Manifesto." However, I told people not to disseminate it as I was the target of so many attacks before. Instead we have decided to draft something that is less personal and have a broader group of people sign it.

We have formed a coalition of about eighty faculty, staff, and students. We call ourselves the Coalition Against Segregation in Education (CASE). We will soon have a web page and will be networking with other campuses around the country. Interestingly, the various chancellors of the University of California system have all publicly opposed the abolition of affirmative action, so we have a base of support that includes administrators. However, some faculty still believe that we live on a "level playing field," and they are really the main opposition.

In working on these tough issues, it is easy for my brain to start going non-stop, and I can sink into a depression over all that needs to be done. I find it useful to consciously take my mind away from this sinking feeling and be upbeat about it all. I remind myself that I am doing all I can, and then I try to move on to other things. This way I am able to better divide my time between children, wife, research, house, diversity, and health.

Jim Lin
La Jolla, California, USA

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