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How to Apply for Grants

The Foundation considers grant requests only from members of the Re-evaluation Counseling Communities who are seeking financial assistance that will further the dissemination of the theory and practice of RC and the development of RC leadership.

Lengthy grant applications are not required. Proposals should include the following:

  1. A brief description of the project.
  2. What are the expected benefits of the project? How will this project spread RC and/or develop leaders?
  3. A simple budget indicating how much money is needed and how it will be spent.

Criteria used by the Foundation in evaluating proposals includes:

  • The population benefiting from the grant is considered a priority by the RC Communities.
  • The activity is a pilot project that can grow rather than a one-time event.
  • The project involves and is integrated within the applicant's RC Community (rather than done in isolation as one person's project).

The grant application should precede - by at least six weeks - the actual event for which the funding is requested. Grantees are expected to write an article for an appropriate RC publication about what was learned from the project.

Proposals may be submitted by e-mail to Foundation President Mike Markovits

  • Mike Markovits, President:

Hard copies of proposals may be mailed to:

Mike Markovits, President of the Foundation
   25 Forest Street #17C
   Stamford, CT 06901


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