Invite Them to Learn But Not While Working

Human nature being what it is, interpreters become close to particular RCers in their professional capacity, and those close relationships develop in the context of RC. The interpreters then begin to client. They are welcomed to do this by the Co-Counsellors. However, the interpreters do not have a basis of fundamental RC theory from which to work as clients because they have never been taught (often they are interpreting for specialised workshops). Although they are signing theory all the time, their concentration is not on the content for themselves. Thus they can have much "knowledge" but no understanding. So I guess the question is how to give them basic RC information, to use when and if they want to for themselves, without making it a requisite of working for the RC Communities.

Jo Saunders
Alresford, Hants, England

Last modified: 2022-12-25 10:17:04+00