Policies in the Interest of All, October 2001

Changes in Society, October, 2002

Putting Forth a Larger Perspective, October 2007

Guiding the Upcoming Changes in Society, East Coast Pre-World, June 2009

Being Ready to Help Guide the Collapsing Society, October 2010

Capitalism, January 2012

Preparing for theTransformation of Society, July 2012

Why Oppressive Societies Continue, July 2012

Getting Out RC Ideas, April 2014

Facing and Handling System Collapse, April 2014

To End the Class Society Is in Everyone's Interest, July 2014

The First Step Is to Get in Motion, October 2015

Taking Action Toward Bigger Solutions, October 2015

Making Bigger Changes, January 2016

One Thing We Can Do, April 2016

How Do We Change the World, October 2017

Going Forward Together, January 2018

Working Through Differences, January 2018

Pushing for Change, July 2018

Can We Move Now, October 2018

Taking a Needed Initiative, April 2019




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