Transformation of Society

Tim Jackins, International Reference Person

2021 Attacks, the RC Community and Working to
                  Build a Rational Society
         Recent U.S. Events, and Opportunities
                  for Change
Opposing Irrational Policies Together
2020 Boldly Working Together in New Ways
         Reaching Many People's Minds
         Getting RC Ideas Out Widely, While Also
Building the RC Community
2019 An Emergency and New Opportunity
         Taking a Needed Initiative

2018 Can We Move Now
         Pushing for Change
         Working Through Differences
         Going Forward Together

2017 How Do We Change the World

2016 One Thing We Can Do
         Making Bigger Changes

2015 Taking Action Toward Bigger Solutions
         The First Step is to Get in Motion

2014 To End the Class Society is in
                  Everyone's Interest
Facing and Handling System Collapse
         Getting Out RC Ideas

2012 Why Oppressive Societies Continue
         Preparing for the Transformation of Society

2010 Being Ready to Help Guide the
Collapsing Society

2009 Guiding the Upcoming Changes in Society

2007 Putting Forth a Larger Perspective

2002 Changes in Society

2001 Policies in the Interest of All

Harvey Jackins,
      Former International Reference Person

1964 The Flexible Human in the Rigid Society

The Reclaiming of Power

The Chronic Patterns of Classism

Call for a Draft Program for Rational Wide World Changing

Propositions about Human Liberation


RC and the Transformation of Society: An Introduction to Wide World Change Julian Weissglass

1998 Wide World Change Is Possible Julian Weissglass

2018 Preparing to Play a Key Role in Transforming Society
 Irene Shen, Jenny Sazama, Eric Braxton, and Diane Shisk

What to Do in the Current Situation Diane Shisk

Activism and the No-Socializing Policy Diane Shisk

Creating a “Culture of Caring” Bo-Young Lim

A Good Experience with Civil Disobedience Russ Vernon-Jones

Actively Taking RC into the Wide World by various authors

RCers as Elected Officials by various authors


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