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Guideline M.5. Part B:
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led by Diane
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April 13 or 14

Climate Crisis
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led by Janet Kabue
April 16


Oversættelse til Danske (Translations into Danish)


Hvordan Man Kommer I Gang Med “Genvurderings Vejledning” (How to Begin "Re-evaluation Counseling")

Kunstnerbefrielse (Artists Liberation)

Visual Kunstner (Visual Artists)

Følgende andre tekster er oversat til dansk og kan købes via vores online-butik.

One free copy of this article may be printed or downloaded for personal use. If multiple copies are to be shared (via print or electronically), at least fifty cents ($0.50 U.S.) per copy of the article must be paid to Rational Island Publishers. 


Det Menneskelige I Mennesker 
(The Human Side of Human Beings)
Paper: $4  ISBN 0-911214-64-X

Handbog Genvurderingsvejledning 
(Fundamentals Manual)
Paper: $6  ISBN 0-911214-55-0

Hvordan man kommer i gang med 
“Genvurderings Vejledning” 
(How to Begin “Re-evaluation Counseling”)
Paper: $1  ISBN 1-58429-089-7

You may order these from our online store: Rational Island Publishers

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