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International Liberation and Commonality Reference Persons Tell About Their Work


Allies to Young People - Jenny Sazama

Black Liberation - Barbara Love

Catholics - Joanne Bray

Chicanos and Chicanas - Lorenzo Garcia

Chinese-Heritage People - Francie Chew

College and University Faculty -Ellie Brown

Educational Change - Marilyn Robb

Elders - Pam Geyer (now Jerry Yoder)

Family Work - Chuck Esser

Japanese and Okinawan Heritage People - Jan Yoshiwara

Jews - Cherie Brown

Korean-Heritage People - Teresa Enrico

Lawyers - Marsha Hunter

LGBQT - Jeanne D'Arc

“Mental Health” Liberation - Janet Foner (now Jenny Martin)

"Mental Health" Workers - Jean Hamilton

Middle Class People - Seán Ruth

Musician's Liberation - Heather Hay

Native Americans - Marcie Rendon

Owning-Class People - Jo Saunders

Parents - Marya Axner

People of Puerto Rican Heritage - Maria Judith Colon Ramirez

People Who Were Raised Poor - Gwen Brown

People with Disabilities - Marcia Saxton

Pilipinos/as and Pacific Islanders - Teresa Enrico

South, Central, and West-Asian Heritage People - Azi Khalili

Southeast Asians - Francie Chew

Union Activists - Joanie Parker

Visual Artists -Emily Feinstein

Wide World Change - Julian Weissglass

Women - Diane Balser

Working-Class People - Dan Nickerson

Young Adults - Emily Bloch (now Erin Huang-Schafer)

Young People - Mari Piggott (now Elvin Landaeus)

The above talks were give at a gathering in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, after the 2015 workshop for International Liberation and Commonality Reference Persons. Each person attending gave a three-minute description of her or his work, constituency, and perspectives on using RC in her or his particular circumstances. 

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