Fundamentals Teaching Guide Part I, Updates and Readings

Updates to the Fundamentals Teaching Guide, Part I

The 2014 Fundamentals Teaching Guide, Part 1, has been revised. Topics 6, 7, and 23 have been updated, and Topics 27 and 28 have been added (Topic 27 was added in the 2012 revision). New articles were also added. The Guidelines were updated to correspond to the 2013 Guidelines.  The new articles and the Guidelines changes are not shown below; however, all can be found here. The 2013 Guidelines can be found here.

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Update to Topic 6

Early hurtful experiences form the core of distress recordings. Discharging on the early and earliest memories connected with a present-day upset will give the client better perspective on the present situation and help the client more rapidly free him or herself from distress recordings.  

Restimulated early distress recordings often feel “real.” They feel like they are caused by a current situation. Discharging sufficiently on the restimulated early hurt will “unhook” the present day incident from the load of past distressed feelings. The client re-evaluates and is no longer confused by the hurt.

The counselor directs the client to the early hurts. It is necessary to persist because the painful feelings may seem too difficult for the client to face.

Update to Topic 7

Scorning fear—The client contradicts the fear by looking directly at it and treating it with contempt, with amusement, with no respect whatsoever.

Update to Topic 23

RC Geographic structure:

Developing Communities—Co-Counselors in any one geographical location cooperate with each other, stay in contact with the International RC Community, and form a leaders’ group as they grow. (The RC Community Guidelines, D.4)

New Topics 

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Supplement to The Fundamentals Teaching Guide

Listed below are those readings referenced in the Fundamentals Teaching Guide, Part I that are not included in the basic books referenced in the Guide (The Fundamentals Manual, The Human Side of Human Beings, The Human Situation, The RC Community Guidelines, Working Together to End Racism, How to Begin RC). 


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