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The RC Communities maintain three different websites. These three servers are not connected at all, so login information is not shared between them. If you interact with these entities, you will need to create and record your Member ID or User ID  and password for each one you interact with. We have a tiny staff, so please keep careful track of these rather than requesting that we remind you of them.

These web servers are:

🤝 []

This is the public website for RC. It also gives subscribers access to subscription-based digital content, such as Digital Present Time and RC Teacher Update CDs (RCTUs). Please contact and with any issues.

📚 []

This is the website for Rational Island Publishers. It lets you order books and journals and you can also purchase subscriptions to online publications. Please contact with any issues.

✉️ []

This is the website for the RC list server. To subscribe to a list, please set up an account at this site and then apply there to be subscribed. Please contact with any issues.

 Introductory Websites

RC websites for people new to RC can be found at:


Contains introductory information about RC that is easy to access.


Provides general information, some introductory articles and videos, stories of people’s experiences in RC, and answers questions people have had about RC.

Our Websites for the Public

We also have four websites for the general public that serve as an introduction to our work on:

Ending Racism

Women’s Liberation

Climate Crisis

Ending Antisemitism


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