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Selected Projects of the Re-evaluation Foundation

In recent years the funding priorities of the Foundation generally fell within six major categories: People-of-Color Leadership Development, Global Initiatives, Young People Leadership Development/Family Counseling Work, Elimination of Racism, Mental Health, and Care of the Environment/Sustaining All Life. In 2015 the Foundation authorized project grants to the amounts of approximately $500,000 (US Dollar Equivalent).

Below is a brief synopsis of some of the projects the Foundation has been able to fund because of the generosity and commitment of donors.

Happening now: Fundraising for Corean Liberation

Leadership Development Amongst People Targeted by Racism

Leadership Development amongst People Targeted by Racism in North America has focused on three separate key constituencies: Black, Native, and Chicano/a.

Black Community Development Projects were led by Barbara Love, International Liberation Reference Person for People of African Heritage in the Re-evaluation Counseling Communities.  The Foundation supports an annual Black Liberation Community Development workshop in the summer. In addition, the Foundation has supported workshops for African Heritage young people and young adults; family workshops for people targeted by racism; dedicated money liberation workshops for African Heritage people, and increased focus and workshops for black men. We also support the Tiers project that provides apprenticeships with Barbara Love for emerging black leaders.

Native American Liberation Projects were led by Marcie Rendon, International Liberation Reference Person for Native Americans in the Re-evaluation Counseling Communities. Key activities included: introductory workshops for Native people, workshops at reservation sites, ongoing support for Native people to participate more actively in family co-counseling work, Native Americans raised-as-white workshops, introducing RC to Native people who are in prison, Native Women and Native Men workshops, Native Teachers and Leaders Workshop, and a project to spread RC to Native Alaskans.

Chicano and Chicana Leadership Development Projects were led by Lorenzo Garcia, International Liberation reference Person for Chicano/as in the Re-evaluation Counseling Communities. Activities included: introductory workshops for Chicano/a people across the United States, ongoing support for Chicana and Latina liberation work, ongoing support for Chicano/a and Latino/a people to more actively participate in family co-counseling work, Chicano/a Leaders Workshop, dedicated money liberation workshop for Chicano/a Leaders, and the initiation of a project to spread RC to Mexican immigrants in California.

The Foundation supported the initiation of the Arab Heritage project to deepen the counseling skills and connections of Arab Heritage counselors in the United States.

Global Initiatives

Our recent global initiatives have been concentrated in Africa and Latin America.

Africa Community Development Projects were led by Melphy Sakupwanya, Wanjiku Kironyo, and Bafana Matsebula, Regional Reference Persons for Africa in the Re-evaluation Counseling Communities. Introductory workshops were held throughout Africa to spread the theory and practice of co-counseling. Targeted projects to develop co-counseling communities have been conducted in Cameroon, Ghana, Ivory Coast, South Africa, Nigeria, Zambia, Kenya, Swaziland, and Ethiopia. In the last five years we have supported a community development project in Togo and Benin; two experienced French-speaking counselors have spent several two two-week periods with the RC community there, counseling leaders, teaching, and leading workshops.

Latin American Community Development Projects took place in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Peru, and El Salvador. Funds primarily served to support introductory workshops to expose increased numbers of people to Re-evaluation Counseling.

The Foundation provided a one-time grant to fund four experienced Re-evaluation Counseling leaders to go to Japan and lead multiple workshops after the tsunami, earthquake, and nuclear plant catastrophe in Japan in 2011.  

Young People Leadership Development/Family Counseling Work

We have continued to focus on the introduction of young people to co-counseling through family-based counseling and the development of young leaders. Family workshops and family play-days are recognized to be an important building block in flourishing RC communities and the Foundation has funded family work projects throughout the United States, Europe, and Australia. In the last five years we have funded Family Work projects for Native American and Asian counselors and Family Workshops for people targeted by racism.  We have sponsored leadership development projects for young people and young adult people of color.

Care of the Environment/Sustaining All Life

The major focus for the Foundation’s efforts on Care of the Environment has been to send delegations of RC leaders representing Sustaining All Life to the United Nations Climate talks, beginning with COP21 in Paris, France, November 2015; then  Marrakech, Morocco; Bonn, Germany; and Katowice, Poland.

Sustaining All Life presents a series of daily workshops, support groups, listening projects, introductory classes, caucuses and forums, that take place in and near the COP venues.

This year Sustaining All Life is attending COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland, (November 2021) with a large, international delegation, as well as preparatory events like the London Climate Action Week and Climate Week NYC.

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