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Healing the Hurts
of Capitialism
Azi Khalili &
Mike Markovits
Sunday, July 28

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AI Webinar (please read both documents before the webinar) 

Announcement from the Accessibility team:

Please speak clearly, slowly and stay close to your microphone when addressing the workshop. If you are using a phone, please use "landscape" format by unlocking your phone's orientation and flip your phone on its side so that you are enlarged on the screen.

If you are speaking, please try to keep your device in a stationary position, as walking or other movements can cause your counselors to feel motion sick.

If you have accessibility needs and need a mini or some extra resource from one of us on the accessibility team, please reach out to Chioma Florenc (234-703-183-7380), Chen Xi (703-622-3305), or Amy Tai (1-857-231-0360). We can be reached on Whatsapp if necessary,

The zoom link 

The zoom link will be send to you again shortly before the meeting.

Meeting ID: 650 8880 3681
   Passcode: 818929

Zoom support documents


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