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Women Reclaiming Our Physical Power
Teresa Enrico
September 30 or
October 1

September 17-23

Re-evaluation Counseling Theory

About Re-evaluation Counseling

Postulates of Re-evaluation Counseling

The Postulates of Re-evaluation Counseling

The Human Side of Human Beings

  1. Introduction to The Human Side of Human Beings
  2. The Re-emergent Human-Poem
  3. What to Expect
  4. Life versus Non-Living Matter
  5. The Human Difference
  6. The Operational Procedures of Intelligence
  7. How Much Intelligence?
  8. A Schematic Diagram
  9. Other Inherent Characteristics
  10. The Source of Damage
  11. The Mis-storage Process
  12. The First Bad Effect of Mis-storage
  13. The Second Bad Result
  14. The "Snowballing" of Distress
  15. The Early Beginnings of Damage
  16. The Extent of the Adult's Loss
  17. How Distress Patterns Become Chronic
  18. A Rational Explanation for Irrational Behavior
  19. Open Doors for the Child
  20. The Recovery Process
  21. What Has Kept the Recovery Process from Operating
  22. People Never Stop Trying
  23. The Process Works for All
  24. Learning to Use the Theory
  25. Looking Ahead
  26. After Thirteen Years
  27. After Twenty-nine Years

Essays on Re-evaluation Counseling Theory

  1. Inherent Human Nature Versus Distress Patterns
  2. The Human Difference
  3. Intelligence
  4. Humans Acquire Distress Patterns From Being Hurt
  5. A Rational Explanation for Irrational Behavior
  6. The Recovery Process
  7. Benign Reality
  8. Actions Based on Thinking, Not Feelings
  9. Freedom of Decision and Taking Charge
  10. Communication of Important Ideas
  11. Learning
  12. Relationships
  13. Leadership
  14. Theory and Policy
  15. Organizational Forms
  16. Societies
  17. Oppression
  18. Liberation
  19. Social Change


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