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Class, Climate & Collapse: Webinar            Sunday, October 23

We Want to Live:        SAL Workshop             Saturday, November 12

Sexual Exploitation and Male Domination: Webinar                    November 18    or                    November 20

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Dear Co-Counselors,

This is your chance to fill out your RC library personally, add to the local RC library or start creating one, or get a few pieces of literature for a Co-Counselor you know who has had trouble getting access to it for themselves.  (I supposed this could be you.)

Area Outreach Funds can now be used to acquire literature for your Area or for individuals.  This is part of the newly approved Guidelines.

H.14. OUTREACH TO ALL GROUPS targeted by oppression

Each Area is expected to actively work toward the goal of making RC accessible to all underrepresented groups and all groups targeted by oppression. To achieve this, the ARP (or authorized account signer in a Developing Community) can use Area Outreach Funds to help pay for workshop fees, transportation expenses, or both. Area Outreach funds can also be used to purchase RC literature.

Everything in the sale is marked down significantly, many things more than 50%. Please take a look and order quickly.  Late orders will not be accepted.  While supplies last.  Order at:

With love and appreciation,




Updates to Existing Publications (revisions since last date of publication)

The Fundamentals Manual (editions prior to 2012)

No Socializing Policy

The List


Fundamentals Teaching Guide Part I, was updated and reprinted in early 2021.  You can order the updated version here.

Many of the readings are now posted online, and they are listed here too.  

Fundamentals Teaching Guide, Part II, Liberation

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer+ (LGBTQ+) Liberation (pdf)

South, Central, West Asian Liberation (pdf)


Sustaining All Life No. 2

Transcript to CD 1005

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