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Racism and the Collapsing Society, Barbara Love and Tim Jackins, June 7, 2020

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Local classes, workshops, etc. near you

Most individuals learn RC from a friend who is a Co-Counselor, who introduces that person to Co-Counseling sessions and the basic theory. Those who want more access to RC theory and practice take a class, called a fundamentals of Co-Counseling class, if such a class is available in their locality. Many localities offer year-round classes, support groups, and workshops for people interested in becoming Co-Counselors.

Sorry, we don't list local contact information here on the website. You can get this information in two ways:

  • If you have a recent copy of Present Time, please check the lists in the back, where teachers and reference people for organized areas are listed.

  • If you don't subscribe to Present Time, you can contact the International Re-evaluation Counseling Communities as follows:

    The International Re-evaluation Counseling Communities
    719 Second Avenue North
    Seattle, Washington 98109

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