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Videos of SAL/UER Climate Week events

U.S. Election Support Drop-In Support Groups and Think-and-Listens

Racism and the Collapsing Society, Barbara Love and Tim Jackins, June 7, 2020

Download Tim Jackins talk: Boldly Working Together in New Ways (RC Teacher Update CD #62)

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Sustaining All Life

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The Work of Sustaining All Life

Sustaining All Life's Tools For Healing

Racism, Genocide, and the Environment


 Sustaining All Life / United to End Racism Online Events November, 2020 (here)

Sustaining All Life (SAL) and United to End Racism (UER) are participating in two key events this fall, offering our workshops, forums, and classes. Our Sustaining All Life website (in English, Spanish, and French) is the best way to introduce your friends and family to our work, and help them choose which events they would like to attend with you! 

Our first week of online events was at Climate Week New York City 2020, the week of September 21-27th, 2020.  A listing of the events we offered there is here. (In Spanish/español, in French/francais)  All were offered in multiple languages; see the listing.

In November, we will be offering workshops and a forum in coordination with Coalition COP26's Global Gathering for Climate Justice (video trailer here) and other climate justice groups in Glasgow, Scotland between November 12 and 22, 2020.  The list of SAL/UER events is here.

We are editing the Zoom videos of our Climate Week events as fast as we can and posting the videos here and on the Sustaining All Life website.  So far we have posted the videos of:

Eliminating the Effects of Racism in Climate Activism

Sustaining Ourselves as Activists and Organizers

Subversive Catwalk: Women, Fast Fashion and Climate Justice

How to Lead Listening Circles

Pacific Island Voices

Jews and Climate Justice

African Voices

Voices from the Frontlines of the Climate Crisis

Related handouts are here



We have 3 Facebook pages (English, Spanish and French) with the same content, translated to each language. Go there to find the images, the events, the SAL/UER workshop, forum, and class descriptions and more.

English Facebook Page

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French Facebook Page

Instagram (in the 3 languages)

If you have a personal Facebook and/or Instagram profile, we want to invite you to like and follow our pages, there you can share and like/love our posts and events.

Donate to support our delegation to COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland, November 2021.


Sustaining All Life / United to End Racism Events Online at Coalition COP26 in Glasgow, November 1 - 12, 2021

SAL/UER will also participate in Coalition COP26--the digital event is scheduled to take place the week that the original COP26 was to be held.  More soon.  

COP26 in Glasgow, November 1 - 12, 2021

COP26 has officially been rescheduled.  Sustaining All Life/United to End Racism will attend COP26 Glasgow 2021 (United Nations Climate Conference) in November 2021. The planned meeting for November 2020 in Glasgow, Scotland was postponed due to COVID-19. The new dates are November 1-12th, 2021.

SAL/UER at the COPs and climate action summits presents a series of daily workshops, forums, support groups, listening projects, introductory classes, caucuses, and more.

SAL workshop presenters share their perspective on key topics related to the climate emergency and how we have used the tools of Re-evaluation Counseling to free ourselves and others from emotional hurts that have interfered with our functioning. The workshops are interactive, giving participants the chance to share their experiences and be listened to awarely. 

SAL forums provide opportunities for people impacted by climate change, activists, indigenous people, and others to speak to an assembled group with their story.  Periodically the flow of speakers is paused to give the audience the opportunity to exchange listening with one another in pairs. Everyone appreciates the chance to tell their stories to an interested audience, as well as the chance to hear others' stories. 

Past Events

Sustaining All Life at previous COPS

Sustaining All Life at the New York Climate Summit

SAL/UER at the Global Climate Action Summit

Sustaining All Life Videos

Click here for more SAL videos


SAL Publications, Handouts, and Flyers for Past  events


Pamphlets available for downloading in many languages, including our new pamphlet: Tools for Climate Organizing in French and Spanish.


Informative four page handouts on many topics related to climate and oppression.


These flyers describe what we are doing at Climate Week 2020 along with some of the events SAL has held in the past. 

SAL Formats

At our workshops the presenters share their perspective on current environmental issues and how we have used the tools of Re-evaluation Counseling to free ourselves and others from emotional hurts that have interfered with our functioning. Our workshops are interactive, giving participants the chance to share their experiences and be listened to. 

At the forums, activists sign up for a 3-5 minute turn to speak about the impact of climate change on their people, stories of hope and courage in activism, young activism, and more.  Periodically the flow of speakers is paused for the opportunity for the audience to exchange listening with one another in pairs. 

We hold many listening projects at the COPs, encouraging passers-by to share their thinking on key climate change issues, using questions such as:

  • What do you think about climate change?  What should be done?
  • How do you feel about fossil fuels? Should we "leave them in the ground"? 
  • Do you think wealthy nations should help less developed nations pay for environmental damage caused by climate change? 
  • What gives you hope as a climate activist?  What's hard for you about it?
  • What are you worried or scared about losing to climate change?
  • How can we build the movement we need to change everything?

Support groups are offered daily, offering people a chance to be listened to about their feelings connected to climate change.  Having the chance to share their anger, their discouragement, their hope in a mutually supportive group refreshes people and gives them fresh ideas for action.  Group leaders also helped people think about how to set up support groups in their home communities.

An Introductory class in Re-evaluation Counseling is also held daily. 

Resources on the COPs

Link to find your country's Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (national plan to address climate change in the next period of time) and how much progress has been made toward the goal.   

Sample Outlines for SAL Presentations 

These outlines can be useful to help create your own presentation.

Sustaining All Life Climate Week and COP26 Resources  (SAL) Delegation

Delegation members click here

Fundraise For SAL!

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