A Turnaround?

Recently more of us have begun to work with understatements, which seem to be the next logical step in the evolution of Co-Counseling.

It could be said that in the past we advanced by walking backward, sweeping up the footprints of our distress, focused on where we had been. Using understatements we can now walk forward, sweeping out the distress between us and where we want to go, delightedly focused on our destination.

I have found that using understatements in a session leaves me feeling naturally up and out. They are crafted to have no possible negative connotations and therefore do not restimulate any of my distress. What is real becomes obvious in a way that it wasn't before, and my attention is freed to focus on the goodness of reality.

Diana Banahan
Phoenix, Arizona, USA
excerpted from the newsletter of the Phoenix, Arizona, USA RC Community

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