Laconic Australians

Dear Harvey,

In the men's support group I lead we had a hilarious meeting, thinking up and using understatements, with everyone discharging the whole time. We came up with, "It sometimes happens that a man gets a little rest." One suggestion was for, "It sometimes has come to our notice that there are a few men getting free of sexual desperation," but amid much group laughter we stretched it to something like: "We have heard a rumour that there are some men giving consideration to the possibility that some of them might work on getting free of sexual desperation."

Understatements seem to me to fit perfectly with the laconic Australian style of understating things. It's a part of our humour.

An understatement seems to kindle hope, and it does not provide anything for a pattern to use to discount it or negate it. It is a gentle window into reality.

Paul Meleng
Menora, Western Australia, Australia

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