It Sometimes Happens

(reflections on Harvey demonstrating the "understatement")

I exist... therefore I can. I am on my way. Today is an excellent day. There was a dream I'd have before my dreams were stolen: Perfect babies born and cherished, nurtured, nestled, sweetly nourished. Rainbow children hand in hand skip gleeful in the promised land. White loves black and black loves white where none are wrong and all is right. Then came "teachers" with their lessons. Drubbed into submission I surrendered my dreams. Slept the slumber of the living dead. To save me. Now come teachers with their sessions. And I'm not sleeping anymore. None too soon. Their beckon wakes me . . . a giant stirs. Arms, eyes, hearts, and minds wide open; truths bravely spoken, patterns broken. Discharge hurts long left untold; tears flow freely, cleanse the soul. The Lorax may live, a hero may die. Challenge remains . . . the movement thrives. Repeat until you believe: "Eeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyooooooooooowwwwwww!!!" Then say it again. Live large. Embrace difference. Contradict oppression. Build beautiful understatement. Cultivate healthy direction. Free your mind . . . all else and others will follow. The world is your workshop. Lead it.

Raymond A. Norman
Waltham, Massachusetts, USA

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