Eyes Opened

About a year ago, my regular Co-Counselor went to the Pre-World-Conference Conference in England and brought back with her some valuable information about the "understatement.' She even wrote me my own understatement, which I enthusiastically took up and began to work on.

When I said it the first time, I cried a lot straight away. After a while, when I repeated it, I felt that I was talking about another person. The tears would stop, and all of a sudden I would laugh uncontrollably. I had so much free attention.

Eventually I stopped using the understatement all the time because I thought I had "more important' distresses to concentrate on and clean up.

Four days ago I received the April Present Time and read the first article, "The Intensive Use of 'Understatements,'" by Harvey Jackins and Catherine Land. That same day I had a session with my regular Co-Counselor and straight away worked on my understatement again. This time I had more information from the article about the benefits of working with attention away from distress. Once again I laughed uncontrollably.

The next morning I wrote an understatement about my regular Co-Counselor, almost a year after she wrote mine, and presented it to her in our afternoon session. She looked at it, said it once, and began to cry heavily. After a few repetitions she laughed and laughed, and afterwards she was quite a different person.

This is an opportunity nobody should miss. Thank you, Harvey, for your thinking, which is so easily understood and available to all of us, and thank you, Catherine, for your letter. You definitely opened my eyes.

Theodoros Kakoulidis
Wigginton, Herts, England

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