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Video excerpt from SAL/UER workshop on racism at the Global Climate Action Summit

Draft Program on Climate Change, for your comments (updated March 5, 2019) (short version now available)


Language Liberation

Language liberation is an essential tool in the effort to eliminate other oppressions (racism, classism, genocide, sexism, young people’s oppression, and so on). This is because language has been used to hold in place the power and structure of the dominant groups and the privileges of their status quo. Language liberation is a “key tool” for transforming an oppressive situation into a fair one, as it can guarantee the space, time, visibility, advocacy, and voice that have been taken away from oppressed groups.

--Paxti Xabier Odriozola Ezeiza, ILRP for Language Liberation

Articles about Language Liberation

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Translations Coordinators

Listing our translation coordinators into many languages.  


Translations of articles into many languages can be found here.  Some of these translations are available for sale on the Rational Island website, others can be read online or downloaded.


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