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Climate Change and the RC Communities

The New Climate Initiative

The RC Community, recognizing the clear evidence of dangerous and ongoing climate change caused primarily by human activity, will actively organize and support its members to face the challenge of finding and implementing ways to halt and reverse climate change.

We will support all RC Community members to discharge any distress that keeps them from playing any role in the struggle to preserve the world. In doing this, we recognize the role that all oppressions have played in creating the climate crisis, and the need to act against all oppressions to find solutions.

We will create opportunities for RC Community members to gather to discuss the situation, discharge, and develop new ideas, tactics, and strategies—using webinars, think-and-listens, and other means useful in building common understanding.

Taking on this important task will require each of us to challenge the distress recordings that have left us feeling powerless and alone. In challenging these recordings, we can learn to move rapidly forward—together and with increasing confidence—in our relationships with other individuals and in public opposition to irrational policies.

We will assist and support each other to learn about and understand the always-developing situation with the Earth’s climate—including by getting involved with individuals, Indigenous peoples, and organizations that are working to stop climate change. This will provide us with direct knowledge and contradict, for ourselves and others, the distress recordings of isolation and helplessness.

We will also share our RC knowledge and practice, so that those who are working on the climate crisis can function more effectively.

From "The New Climate Initiative" Present Time No. 206, page 3. 

Translations: Dutch


Resources for Our Work to Stop Climate Change

Excellent Overview Videos

Ten Years to Transform the Future of Humanity or Destabilize the Planet (TED talk by Johan Rockstrom)

Scientist Rebellion, April 2022

Climate Change 2021: The Physical Science Basis

See What 3° of Global Warming Looks Like

Meet the People Getting Paid to Kill Our Planet (agriculture)

How Climate Change Impacted the World in 2019 (CNN)

The carbon cycle is key to understanding climate change (The Economist)

Coalition COP26 trailer (Coalition COP26 organized the People's Summit and Global Day of action alongside COP26 in Glasgow)

You can find lots more videos about climate change here, including a lot of funny videos, like this one: Honest Government ad: Net Zero by 2050.

Climate Justice Comic Book

The Case for Climate Justice.  Just released from Global Justice Now! in the UK.  An excellent presentation of the key issues. 

RC Webinars on Climate Change

We are posting the videos of RC webinars about climate change here.

Kathy McHale pulled together Diane's talk from the webinar on teaching about climate change, and the key thoughts and resources referenced can be found in this pdf

What's Happening with the Climate?

Regular updates on "The Good News" and "The Bad News" of climate change, with a short summary, a photo, and a link to more information if you want to go deep.  

Annotated PowerPoint

The Basics of Climate Change (5/15/22) (PDF)

And, for attention out, nothing but cartoons and cute baby animals (PDF)

Short Draft Program on Climate Change

Short and easy to read, with translations.

Five-year plans

RCers Five Year Plans for addressing the climate emergency.  Updated.  To add yours, email a PDF of it to

Basic, beyond the basics, and more advanced resources

We have divided the next part of this page into resources for those who are new to the topic, those who want something a little more advanced, and those who want to look at detailed science issues and our draft program.  And additional resources by category (RC articles, video, website, wide world articles, and so on) are farther down on the page. See also: sections on Care of the Environment, Sustaining All Life, and Resources Outside the RC Community.

Resources: An Introduction to Climate Change

An Introduction to Climate Change in 60 Seconds—a brief video from the Royal Society and the U.S. National Academy of Sciences.

An article “An Introduction to Climate Change,” by Diane Shisk.

Temperature anomalies arranged by country, from 1900 to 2016. (This video shows the rhythm of global warming for countries around the world, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe—making it clear that temperatures for more than a hundred countries are climbing ever higher on the back of increasing carbon `pollution.)

Our Stories of Climate Change—stories by RCers about the effects of climate change they are seeing in their own communities.

How we got started--stories by RCers of how they got started taking action on the climate emergency. 

Resources: Beyond the Basics of Climate Change

Climate Change, How Do We Know? This is from the NASA website, an excellent resource for basic and more detailed information that has many videos and graphics on different aspects of climate change.

Draft Policy on Care of the Environment—the RC Communities’ draft policy on care of the environment, including climate change.

June 25, 2019 Climate poverty of UN expert on effects of climate change on poverty details the devastating impacts on poor people and poor countries. 

Stories of Hope and Courage—excerpts from writings by RCers and from the news showing hopeful ways that people are organizing.

The article “Why We Prioritize Addressing Climate Change,” by Diane Shisk. This is a summary, updated every few months, of the basic science of climate change, with citations for more resources and a summary of what we can do.

Resources: Advanced Information about Climate Change

A proposed Draft Program for the RC Communities on Climate Change (and 2 page summary) that includes an overall program and specific action steps. (We expect to update this frequently as more information becomes available about the steps we can and should take now. The program was drafted with a global perspective, but people from every country are encouraged to write an addendum about their specific circumstances, since the situation varies so much from country to country. Last revised 8/31/21.)

IPCC Report Sixth Assessment Report 2021

Global Warming of 1.5 °C, an Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) special report on the impacts of global warming of 1.5 °C above pre-industrial levels and related global greenhouse gas emission pathways, in the context of strengthening the global response to the threat of climate change, sustainable development, and efforts to eradicate poverty. A summary of this report is here.

RCers Addressing Climate Change (for more videos click here)


More Resources for Teaching about Climate Change in RC Classes

Class outlines for teaching about climate change and care of the environment

"Climate Moments" for your RC class (see article A Climate Moment in Every RC Class)

Some RC Articles about Climate Change click here

Stories of the Climate Emergency, RCers Experiences - for more click here

Stories from RCers about the impact of climate change around us. Excerpts below, click on title for full version of the story.

Direct Production Worker, Sydney

The fires are really full on (intense). 4000 people sitting on a beach down on border of Victoria is unheard of. So many fires they can't keep up with them.

South Dakota, by Marcie Rendon

The state of South Dakota is home to 9 Native American Reservations. The majority of these reservations have had floods covering their lands since the spring of 2019. South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem referred to recent flooding as the greatest natural disaster the state has ever seen. Noem said federal disasters have been declared in 58 of 66 counties in the state and on three tribal reservations. The March bomb cyclone and heavy rains since have created a slow-rolling natural disaster.

Trinidad & Tobago, by Chantal Esdelle

Yesterday (September 22, 2019) Tropical Storm Karen passed over Trinidad and Tobago. I was in Tobago. I sat with two friends inside our shared room looking out at the continuous heavy rain and wind outside and looking at videos, sent via WhatsApp, of raging flood water in areas 20 miles from us (in Tobago) rushing through houses and washing away cars.

Kenya, by Janet Kabue

This was one of the headlines in our local newspapers today "Grim days await Kenyans as long rains fail". It was one of the newspaper articles that has  in the recent past  highlighted the delay of the March-April-May rain season.  This rainfall highly impacts on the agricultural sector and hence food security in the country. The Meteorological department today stated that  there will be no rains  this season.  


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