It Really Works!

Last night a really neat thing happened. It was the first time I actually discharged on an injury right after it happened.

I burned my hand on a waffle iron. I accidentally touched it when it was really hot! I never knew before just how hot waffle irons get. Anyway, I started crying and ran my burnt hand under warm water for ten minutes. Then I got my boyfriend and different counselors to listen to me cry for about an hour. I was committed to sticking with discharging until I was done. As I kept noticing the burn, it just hurt more and more. I worried that it was never going to stop. The appearance of the burn changed dramatically in shape and color several times. It was like seeing the healing that usually happens over a day or two happen over an hour.

Towards the end of crying, I started to sweat a lot and shake a little. Then I started yawning and yawning, one right after another. I've yawned a lot in my life, but this was the first time I had yawned so profusely in the middle of feeling a lot of pain. I thought a few times, "Shouldn't I be crying because it hurts so much?" but there didn't seem to be anything left to cry about, and the yawns just kept coming out. I finally understood from experience that pain really is just pain! I kept feeling the pain in my burn while yawn after yawn popped out, until I actually started to fall asleep on the phone (it was midnight by then). I got off the phone and slept very deeply all night, never waking up from any pain.

When I awoke in the morning the burn was purplish pink and didn't hurt at all. The skin is a little tender still, but there is absolutely no pain when it is touched or moved. People have said they were sorry and assumed I must be in a lot of pain from how it looks. When I've touched and pressed down on it and told them it doesn't hurt at all, they've been shocked.

It was pretty amazing to me to actually experience discharging all the way through an injury. Our bodies can heal very quickly! I thought I was a quick healer as it was, but this is a "whole new ball game." I will never again underestimate the importance of discharging on physical injuries right as they happen.

Ayana Raquel Morse
Oakland, California, USA

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