Women Reclaiming Physical Power

Many RC women like myself have had the opportunity to attend "Women and Physical Power" workshops over the years. This aspect of RC women's liberation has provided us a useful avenue to re-emergence by challenging us to push ourselves physically, as well as mentally, towards a clearer understanding of our significance and power in the world.

By working together in support groups, women get a better picture of what it means to support each other while trying out various physical challenges. Basketball, football, lifting weights, and "physical counseling" are often the key activities, with lots of room to try out other things together like biking, sprinting, roller blading, or throwing a softball. I learned how to play basketball at the age of thirty at these workshops, and it has proven to be an invaluable skill in many areas of my life.

In order that we can continue to learn from each other by sharing successes as well as challenges, and integrate what we already understand into women's liberation events, I have agreed to take the job of Information Coordinator for Women Reclaiming Physical Power.

I would love to hear about your experiences and know who you are.

Caryn Davis
Long Beach, New York, USA

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