Teaching in Hong Kong

I have just finished teaching a ten-week fundamentals class in Hong Kong. It was the best thing I have done since coming to Hong Kong one and a half years ago. I had taught a class in Germany before, but this time it felt different, thanks to the support from my assistant, Mark Gau, and the small but fine RC Community that we are currently building up in Hong Kong.

I asked one of my Chinese colleagues to participate in the class. I wasn't sure if this was the right thing to do, but it worked out just fine, and I have already recruited another of my Chinese colleagues to attend the next introductory evening. There were five people in the class. Three of them were of Chinese origin, and one woman was of Japanese-U.S. heritage.

Having other RCers around that work in the same environment as me is a powerful edge for staying clear-thinking and making a difference. Maura Fallon led a one-day leaders' class last weekend dealing with how it is for us to lead expatriates' lives and work in the corporate world.

Since my work schedule is tight for the next few weeks, I will take a break from teaching and continue with the second fundamentals class in May. Everybody from the first class plans to continue. (Makes me happy!) Mark Gau is starting to teach a fundamentals class at the end of April. I have realized that teaching RC is a key to feeling in charge of the world around me.

Thanks to Harvey for pressuring me to start teaching, and thanks to the RC Community in Hong Kong for supporting me so well.

Susanne Weiss
Midlevels, Hong Kong, People's Republic of China

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