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Draft Program on Climate Change, for your comments (updated March 5, 2019) (short version now available)


Foundation leadership

  • President - Michael Markovits
    • Mike is a retired corporate executive and currently leads a national nonprofit organization, AchieveMission
    • Mike has been on the Re-evaluation Foundation Board since 1993 and President since 1995.
    • Connecticut, USA

  • Vice President - Ellie Putnam
    • Ellie is a member of the staff at Re-evaluation Counseling Community Resources, Inc.
    • Ellie has been on the board since 2005
    • Washington, USA

  • Treasurer - Mary Ruth Gross
    • Mary Ruth is a retired union activist
    • Mary Ruth has been on the Re-evaluation Foundation board since 2014
    • California USA

  • Secretary - Cynthia Phinney
    • Cynthia is a union leader
    • Cynthia has been on the Re-evaluation Foundation board since 2006
    • Maine, USA

  • Board Member - Rudy Nickens
    • Rudy serves as the Chief Diversity Officer for the Missouri Department of Transportation
    • Rudy joined the Re-evaluation Foundation board in 2017
    • Missouri, USA

You may reach any Foundation Board member at
   C/O: RCCR, 719 Second Ave. North, Seattle, WA 98109 USA

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