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Videos of SAL/UER Climate Week events

U.S. Election Support Drop-In Support Groups and Think-and-Listens

Racism and the Collapsing Society, Barbara Love and Tim Jackins, June 7, 2020

Download Tim Jackins talk: Boldly Working Together in New Ways (RC Teacher Update CD #62)

RC Webinars listing through 2020


Our Work to End Racism and Genocide

Recent Audio and Video Recordings

Racism and the Collapsing Society

A video presentation by Barbara Love and Tim Jackins (pdf of transcript)

The Effects of Climate Change on Africa and Africans

Audio of webinar by Janet Kabue (ARP, Nairobi, Kenya)

Acknowledgment of Country by Uraine Roelofs made on the land of the Turrbal, Yuggera and Yugambeh peoples

Acknowledgement of Country, Uraine Roelofs


United to End Racism

United to End Racism is a project of the RC Community, dedicated to eliminating racism in the world

Articles about Racism

Draft Program for Native Liberation

Draft Liberation Policy for Indigenous People

Thoughts from our Liberation Reference People

Black People--Barbara Love

Chicanos/as--Lorenzo Garcia

Chinese Heritage People--Francie Chew

Japanese and Okinawan Heritage People--Jan Yoshiwara

Korean People--Teresa Enrico

Native Americans--Marcie Rendon

Pilipinos/as and Pacific Island People--Teresa Enrico

South, Central, and West Asian Heritage People--Azi Khalili

Commitments for People of the Global Majority and Native People

A commitment against oppression is a serious promise made by a person (to the counselor, to "nears and dears", to reality, to "God", etc.) to reject the stereotypes and patterns of behavior which constitute the main content of the oppression of particular groups of people in existing societies.

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