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Healing the Hurts
of Capitialism
Azi Khalili &
Mike Markovits
Sunday, July 28

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To End Racism

and Genocide


Black African Liberation and
Community Development (BALCD)

Black Commitment

Commitments Against Oppression


To End Racism and Genocide

Implementing RC Community Goal One:
         Ending Racism by Barbara Love,
         International Liberation Reference Person for
         African-Heritage People

United to End Racism a project of the RC Community,
         dedicated to eliminating racism in the world

Articles about Racism by various Indigenous and
         Global Majority teachers and leaders of RC and
         White allies

Building Native and Indigenous and
        Global Majority Communities
      stories of how we can center Native and Indigenous
          and Global Majority people in our RC Communities

Beer Dun (Wolof) / Île de Gorée (Français), Senegal • Erin Huang-Schaffer, 2016


The Climate Crisis and Women from
       the Global South
video webinar
    Janet Kabue & Chioma Okonkwo

Voices from Frontline Communities video montage of
         clips from Sustaining All Life (SAL) &
         United to End Racism (UER) forums

Every Child Matters: The Role and Effects of the
         Residential/Boarding School System
video webinar
         by Darlene Daniels, Anishinew (Ojicree)
         Garden Hill First Nation

The Liberation of South, Central, and West Asians
   video webinar by Azi Khalili,
          International Liberation Reference
Person for
          South, Central, and West Asian Heritage People,
          interpreted into Arabic by Iman Awadh

Racism and the Collapsing Society video presentation by
         Barbara Love and Tim Jackins

The Effects of Climate Change on Africa and Africans
audio of webinar by Janet Kabue, ARP for Nairobi, Kenya
          and Apprentice ICRP for Care of the Environment

No Human Enemies SAL/UER workshop with
         Azi Khalili, interpreted into Arabic

Acknowledgment of Country by Uraine Roelofs with
         SAL/UER, made on the land of the Turrbal,
         Yuggera and Yugambeh Peoples



Draft Liberation Policy for Indigenous People



Young Climate Activists of Color

A Primer on Scottish Oppression
with SAL/UER at COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland

Global Climate Strike, New York City, USA • © Stan Eichner, 2019


Black African Heritage People
         Barbara Love

         Lorenzo Garcia

Chinese Heritage People
Francie Chew

Japanese and Okinawan Heritage People
Jan Yoshiwara

Korean Heritage People
Teresa Enrico

Indigenous/Native People
Marcie Rendon

Pacific Islander and Pilipino/a Heritage People   
         Teresa Enrico

South, Central, and West Asian Heritage People       
         Azi Khalili




A commitment against oppression is a serious promise made by a person (to the counselor, to our loved ones, to reality, to ourselves, to the world, etc.) to reject the stereotypes and patterns of behavior which constitute the main content of the oppression of particular groups of people in existing societies.

Against Racism

I resent and will fiercely oppose racism's crippling limits to the progress of my beloved human race. Always keeping in mind my proud heritage of fighting oppression, and wanting to enrich my present and future, I will engage and join with others to smash racism so that we all may live in a free world.

 Black People

For the complete liberation of my beautiful, wise, strong, and courageous black people, I solemnly promise I will always remember our/my own goodness and strength. I will fight against every division that tends to separate us from each other and from other people. I will settle for nothing less than complete liberation, complete equality, complete opportunity, and complete respect for everyone.

Native People

I promise never to forget that as a Native person I belong to this earth and my very special gifts are needed here, that all beings in Creation are my relatives and cherish me as I cherish them, that my people have survived and will survive all attempts to exterminate us, that we are strong and wise and loving, and we will show our children and the rest of the world how to live in love and harmony and care for the earth and all creatures without ever losing our sense of humor.

Arab People

 In total respect for the beauty, goodness, generosity, and wisdom of my people, I cheerfully promise that I will cherish my culture and language, our diversity and unity, and remember how delightful and important we are to all human beings and that the world is safe for me to be my full human self.


In respect for my beautiful land and the enduring and proud people that inhabit it, I promise that I shall cherish my culture and language, unite my people, and in alliance with all peoples of the world, see that all oppressions are ended.


In respect for my beautiful land and the enduring and proud people that inhabit it, I promise that I shall cherish my culture and language, unite my people, and, in alliance with all peoples of the world, see that all oppressions are ended.

For the real freedom and unity of my beloved people, I solemnly promise that I will take pride in myself and the Pilipino Nation under all conditions. I will work to wipe out the last vestiges of colonialism. I will strengthen the bonds between all Pilipino people of whatever religion, language, or background, including the Philippines’ sons and daughters overseas. FOR A UNITED, FREE PHILIPPINES WITHOUT OPPRESSION.

 Japanese Americans

With all my honor, I solemnly promise that from this moment on I will never again be less than fully visible as a proud, strong, beautiful, and dignified Japanese-American. Hi!

People of Chinese Heritage

For the liberation of all Chinese people (and there are a lot of us!), I promise to always be proud of my Chinese heritage, to remember my inherent closeness to my family and to all Chinese people, to openly show my love, and to be visible and proud - (pause) - forget being dignified!

People of Mixed Heritage

Recognizing that we are the people of the future, and that every one of our cultures and our heritages is valuable and to be respected and appreciated, we proudly proclaim ourselves to be 100% universal humans, and we invite all human beings to join us in this claim.


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