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Jews and Disability
David Ruebain &
Cherie Brown
June 4

Creating the Conditions
to Cause a Big Change
Tim Jackins
June 18

LIMBA ROMÂNĀ (Romanian Translations)


Latura Umana A Oamenilor
(The Human Side of Human Beings) (rough draft)
Paper: $4  ISBN 0-913937-49-5

Situația Omului
(The Human Situation)
Paper: $7  ISBN 58429-069-2

An Introduction to Co-Counseling
by Dan Nickerson
Paper: $1  ISBN 1-58429-039-0

Eliberarea Baba†ilor
(The Liberation of Men)
by John Irwin, Harvey Jackins, and Charlie Kreiner
Paper: $3  ISBN 1-58429-040-4

A New Kind of Communicator
Paper: $4  ISBN 1-58429-055-2

La Lista
(The List)
Hardcover: $50  ISBN 973-36-0335-X

You may order these from our online store: Rational Island Publishers

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