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Present Time No. 104 

(Vol 28 No. 3) July 1996


"There is almost always a better way to do something than the way you tried that didn't work." 

Harvey Jackins

Table of Contents

  1. From the Editor
  2. Appreciations
  3. How to Subscribe


  1. The Environment Is Also "Targeted for Destruction"
  2. The Working Class Needs a Clear Voice in Parliament
  3. How I Found a Good Partner
  4. Activity in Central Europe
  5. Don't Settle for Too Little
  6. Preparing for a Politics of Meaning Movement
  7. Starting Re-emergence "at Home"
  8. Why Everybody Should Read "Everything"
  9. Speaking Out About Fat Oppression and Liberation
  10. Co-Counseling and Christian Sprirituality
  11. The Power of Listening Across Differing Views
  12. Ending My Timidity About Presenting RC
  13. Reaching Out, One Big Step After Another
  14. How to Start Family Work

Community Building

  1. The Ramallah Crew
  2. Pride in Being Working-Class
  3. Re-evaluation Counseling and the Settlers*
  4. Finding Our Way Out of a Colonial Heritage
  5. Enthusiasm in Turkey
  6. Powerful and Optimistic
  7. A Good Visit Home to Bharat
  8. A Catholic Liberation Workshop in The Netherlands
  9. Finding New Enjoyment in a Co-Counseling Class
  10. Important Job Open*
  11. Taking a Broad Initiative
  12. The Importance of Policy
  13. "Absolutely Wonderful" Work

RC Practice

  1. "Special Time" and the "Blue Pages"*
  2. "Mr. Testimonial Man"
  3. Identities as Clues to Patterns
  4. "Blame" Is a Completely False Concept
  5. Building Health Care Allies for a Boy with Physical Challenges
  6. My Letter to the Doctors
  7. Useful Counseling on "Identities"
  8. "A Rich and Wonderful Opportunity"
  9. "Special Time" at a Parents' Liberation Workshop
  10. "Contradictions" to the Loss of a Loved One
  11. RC vs. the Flu

Targeted People

  1. Re-evaluation Counseling and the Reasons Why It Should Be Taught Behind the Walls
  2. Choose to Look at It
  3. Paying Attention to People Who Haven't Been Thought About
  4. Real Human Relationships
  5. Veterans Are "Targeted"


  1. Middle-Class in "Classless" Israel
  2. The Benefits of Not Oppressing
  3. Inclusion vs. Reciprocity: Conflict?
  4. What Does "Accessibility" Really Mean?
  5. The West Coast USA Asian Liberation Workshop
  6. Why Not Keep Them Both?
  7. Facing the Late Thirties
  8. The Oppression of People Born and Raised in Maine
  9. Workers in the Non-Profit Sector
  10. Mizrachi Identity
  11. Relationships Between Jews and Catholics, a Source of Hope
  12. Thoughts on Being an Effective Ally to Women
  13. Report From an Allies to First Nations People (Native Americans) Gather-in

Wide World Change

  1. Behind the Headlines About Israel
  2. Amateur Translators Get Things Across
  3. Letting Off Steam . . . #@¿±xø!

From The Mail

  1. Yes! Eliminate Unaware Classism at Workshops
  2. RC Belongs to the Working Class
  3. Growth in the Basque Country and Friendly Contact in Cuba
  4. Asian-American Art and Growth
  5. Both Sides of the Border
  6. Appreciation of Eduardo
  7. My First Experience
  8. Getting Over an Owning-Class Background
  9. Our Japanese Heroines
  10. Our Artist-Activists Move North
  11. Out in the Indian Ocean
  12. Working-Class Solidarity in Practice
  13. Finding Policy Useful
  14. Passing the Good Word
  15. Why Don't You Answer Attacks?
  16. Backpacking Mountains for Variety
  17. Calling on Historians
  18. Palliative Caretakers: A Field for New, Logical Thinking
  19. Young Biennial Age Group Leaders Needed and Available


  1. Woman to Man: what you look like
  2. When catastrophe you've faced
  3. Black
  4. Crying when you're in distress
  5. Better to let your temper blaze
  6. Deep-Cleaned
  7. Benevolence
  8. When you've been


  1. E-mail and Internet
  2. Present Tense Table of Contents
  3. Appreciating PRESENT TIME

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