Present Tense Table of Contents

The following articles are in Present Tense, the on-line journal of the Re-evaluation Counseling Communities. You can find Present Tense on the RC Web Site at

About Present Tense

  • What is Present Tense?
  • The publication policy
  • Comments from the editor

RC Theory

  • Response to Incest Update
  • It Sometimes Happens that Someone Validates Somebody
  • FearñOnly a Feeling
  • Animals, Humans & Pre-set Responses

RC Practice

  • It's My Own Flipping Fault
  • A Useful "Trick" with Sleepy Clients
  • Dealing Well with Death
  • "We've Always Done the Best We Could" as a Counseling Technique
  • I'm Doing What I Want
  • Early Food Memory (EFM) Work
  • Free from Stuttering
  • Christian Contradictions
  • Balance Love with Firmness
  • An Afternoon at the Cemetery
  • Consistently Giving Delighted


  • New Counseling Techniques
  • Commitments

Learning RC

  • Reminding Myself of the Basics
  • My Way to the Vienna Workshop

Teaching RC

  • Working with People New to RC
  • Appreciating an RC Leader

Community Building

  • RC Has Improved My Life:

A Counselor's One-Year Report

  • Around the World as a Co-Counselor
  • Am I Successful?
  • Community Building & Childcare
  • Getting Started in Zanzibar
  • From the Inside OutñNovember 1995 Newsletter of the Greater Cincinnati RC Community
  • Caribbean Contacts
  • Report on Community Building in North Hackney and Essex, England


Allies to People Younger

  • Being an Ally to Young People in my Family
  • Allies to Young Adults

Educational Change

  • Dangerous Thinking About the

Education System

  • Julian's Report from The Netherlands
  • Applying Educational Change Work


  • What I Like About Getting Older

German Speakers

  • Another Perspective on German Speakers' Liberation

Human Liberation (General Articles)

  • Ending Silence About Oppression
  • Oppressive "Jokes"


  • Australian Men's Liberation Workshop
  • Becoming Clearer with Men
  • A Fun Experience Leading the Men's Support Group!
  • Virginia, USA, Men's Workshop Report

"Mental Health" Survivors

  • "Mental Health System" Oppression and Talking about RC
  • When is a "Normal" Guy Really a "Mental Health" System Survivor?

Middle Class

  • A Middle-Class Liberation Workshop

Native American

  • Thoughts About a Policy on Reclaiming Native and Mixed Heritage


  • I Want My Mummy

People Aged 30-39

  • Organizing Our Thirties

People with Physical Differences

  • Recovering from Chronic Illness
  • A Painful Achievement

Young Adults

  • The Role of Young Adults and Young People in the Transformation of Society

Young People

  • Friday Night LiveñYoung People's Liberation Class
  • Dialogue on Teen Parents
  • Workshop for Young People of Color and Allies


  • RC Women and Power in the


  • Listening to Women in the Wide World
  • Confronting Sexism
  • Talking About Beijing to Wide World Organisations
  • No Limits for Australian Women
  • What Are Men Doing at a Women's Conference?
  • Being Middle Class in Beijing
  • No Limits for Women Project (Beijing Position Papers)
  • Notes on an RC Women's Workshop
  • I'm at My Best Age Ever

Working Class

  • Report from a Topic Group: Workers in Management
  • Working-Class Liberation
  • Battling Internalized Classism as a Women's Basketball Coach


  • We Live in an Absolutely Perfect Universe
  • COPS-Counselors on Patrol
  • "Feeling Smart"
  • "Hanging Out" Thoughtfully
  • Making Some Bolder Assumptions
  • Watching A Young Person Learn
  • We Create the World We Choose to Live In
  • On "New Frontiers in Our Thinking"

Wide World Changing

  • What Brings Us Together?
  • Sermon in Shul
  • Teaching RC in Organisations
  • Talk on Affirmative Action at the

Berkeley Hillel on Rosh Hashana

  • Peace and Disarmament Updates and Challenges
  • Active in New York, USA

On Computer Networking

  • Be Thoughtful But Don't Hold Back


  • As Counselorña poem
  • A Poem

originally printed in Present Time Vol 104, p. 80

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