Yes! Eliminate Unaware Classism at Workshops

Kris Amelong's article in the last Present Time* "Leaders! Shed Your Cliqueism (Classism) at Workshops" was so freeing for me I had to write. I cried when I read it. I am a working-class, raised-poor woman. I have been so restimulated by this pattern. It has prevented my participation in more than one Community. I have seen it happening so often, but until I read Kris' article, I had believed it was me, that I did not belong. Thank you, Kris, for naming this classist pattern and helping to free those of us working-class people who struggle against it.

I hope all Communities will work to eliminate this and empower working-class leaders.

Robyn Carter
San Lorenzo Valley, California, USA

*Present Time No.103 Page 3

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