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Powerful and Optimistic

You know what's great about the leadership job I have here in Switzerland? I get to think constantly. For a long time I thought it was an unwelcome burden to do all this figuring things out. But what was really happening was my isolation distress was getting restimulated. (I am building a Community where the nearest Co-Counselor is a one-day train ride away.)

Leading has challenged a pile of chronic distress. I have discharged and now I see and feel things differently. I feel much more powerful and optimistic. I know I can do things. The nice thing about building a new RC Community is that I get to build it the way I think makes sense. So far this has worked out very well. When I have those feelings of isolation, that I hate to lead, that I'll never be able to figure things out, I know that all I have to do is work on the early feelings of powerlessness and hopelessness and move closer to people. I am learning to ask for help, appreciation, and support.

Ruth Howald
Bern, Switzerland

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