E-mail and Internet

There is a WEB SITE on the Internet for Re-evaluation Counseling. The Internet address of the home page of the WEB SITE is: www.rc.org

If you call up the home page of this Web site, you will have access to a great deal of information about Re-evaluation Counseling. If you click on the name of the particular material you want, it will appear on the screen for your use and downloading.

At the present time the WEB SITE includes:

  1. A short basic statement of the theory of Re-evaluation Counseling,
  2. The Postulates of Re-evaluation Counseling,
  3. "A Welcome to RC,"
  4. A list of Commitments,
  5. The Guidelines for the Re-evaluation Counseling Communities,
  6. A list of all the Re-evaluation Counseling literature available (this can be ordered from Rational Island Publishers),
  7. Scrolls: these are memorable quotations, orderable from Rational Island Publishers in small size (8-1/2" x 14") for $1, or large size (12" x 24") for $3,
  8. An outline for teaching an On-Line Fundamentals Class,
  9. Present Tense, an on-line journal much larger than Present Time, which contains articles that could not be crowded into Present Time but which will remain on-line in Present Tense for long periods. These will be replaced one or a few articles at a time with new material, so there will always be new material to read there. This will allow people who access Present Tense to get a deep and rich picture of Re-evaluation Counseling and the ways the Community works,
  10. A searchable Present Time index,
  11. Expense accounting forms for people organizing workshops for Re-evaluation Counseling,
  12. The text content of Present Time Number 102, January 1996. (This is an experiment in presenting the text of a recent issue of Present Time six weeks after it has been mailed to subscribers. It contains many invitations to subscribe to Present Time and subscription blanks with which to subscribe, now that the reader has seen the content of a particular issue. If this leads to a substantial increase in the paid circulation of Present Time, this practice may be continued. If it does not, it will not be continued.)
  13. Information on how to become a member of the RC-LIST on-line discussion group and criteria for such membership. (The RC-LIST <rc-list@postoffice.cso.uiuc.edu> is open to any member of the Re-evaluation Counseling Communities who is nominated or endorsed by a Reference Person [of any level], who is in good standing in the Communities, who is approved by the International Reference Person, and who meets the criteria for membership. Such criteria can be found at the WEB SITE or by sending a message to info@rc.org [content of message may be anything]. The guidelines for how to use the RC-LIST can be obtained by sending a message to listserv@postoffice.cso.uiuc.edu saying GET RC-LIST GUIDLINES RC-LIST.)

In addition to the WEB SITE, anyone with an e-mail address may directly e-mail to the International Re-evaluation Counseling Community itself at the following e-mail addresses:

The International RC Community: ircc@rc.org
For information about Re-evaluation Counseling: info@rc.org
To Allan Hansen, Regional Reference Person for the Internet: hansen@rc.org
The Re-evaluation Foundation: foundation@rc.org

The following are special electronic mailing lists (e-mail discussion groups) available for particular categories of RCers or allies from outside RC who share these interests.

Membership on any of these lists requires approval of the International Reference Person. Approval of African Heritage leaders also requires endorsement by Barbara Love, International Liberation Reference Person for People of African Heritage. Approval of Women Leaders also requires endorsement by Diane Balser, International Liberation Reference Person for Women RCers.

E-mail addresses are as follows:

Regional Reference Persons: rrp@list.rc.org
International Liberation Reference Persons: ilrp@list.rc.org
Planners for the transformation of society: wwc@list.rc.org
Leaders of African Heritage: black@list.rc.org
Leaders of women: women@list.rc.org
Activists for the liberation of people "targeted for destruction by the society because of the patterns imposed upon them": access@list.rc.org

If you have any questions about Re-evaluation Counseling, check out our World Wide WEB SITE at www.rc.orgor send mail to info@rc.org

originally printed in Present Time Vol 104, p. 79

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