Out in the Indian Ocean

I was supposed to resume class today, but we are awaiting a cyclone named "Bonita," and we do not attend school when there is a cyclone warning N:2. If the warning is N:3 all public transport stops and everything is closed.

This year I have not continued to work in the adults' prison in the pre-release programme, but I met the young people in their re-habilitation youth center at Bean-Bassin not far from the college where I work. I teach catechism and education in a girls' secondary school.

I like working with these people in prison. Most amazing is that the prison officers ask to participate in our sessions. I also have counseling time with students of the school, but when the rector wanted me to share the students' confidences and I refused, she said that I am not helping her in her job and could not have the key to the counseling room. After three weeks I complained to the manager and received the key to the room again. During these three weeks the students came as usual and sat on the floor or under the tree in the school yard. Confidentiality remains our important rule.

Gisèle Vardin
Vacoas, Republic of Mauritius

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