Our Japanese Heroines

Yuho is doing very well. Her baby, Umi, is still in the hospital, but she is well and growing fast. We are expecting her to come home within a week or so. Yuho sometimes forgets she delivered a baby only three weeks ago and wants to move around as she used to do before her pregnancy. I have to be very tough to stop her and let her discharge instead. She is saying she never imagined how much she would be in love with her baby. Umi is indeed very beautiful. She is such a clear model of human nature. Whenever I go to the hospital with Yuho to give her milk, I have to discharge hard watching the baby and the complete love Yuho is showing to her. There are already hundreds of people who are wanting to be with Yuho and Umi.

Our life is busy, but I never experienced such a loving and caring space in our home. Umi has the same disabilities as Yuho, and I can see a picture of both Yuho and Umi, with all those people behind them, showing themselves in the world.

My life is going well, too. I am getting more and more involved in wide-world liberation, using RC theory.

Shiom Morita
Kunitachi, Tokyo, Japan

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