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The Benefits of Not Oppressing

I have been doing some wide-world work with oppressed groups who are working for their own liberation. I have noticed that their appeals to their oppressor groups tend to be in the order of "stop hurting us, stop oppressing us." I think we can start thinking of how the oppressor actually benefits by giving up oppressive behavior and privilege. This is not a new idea in RC, but may be new in some wide-world liberation groups. Even in RC, I think it is important to keep holding this out. We might ask something like, "What will I gain by giving up privilege/oppressive behavior?" or conversely, "What have I given up or lost by accepting privilege/my oppressor role?" It really is in our best interests not to oppress others, and this awareness gained through discharge and re-evaluation gives us something to go after. It's more difficult to succeed at not doing something, than it is to succeed at doing something else instead.

Dennis Hicks
Austin, Texas, USA

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