Finding Our Way Out of a Colonial Heritage

Here in Kenya, the RC ball is still rolling. RC has been particularly useful in my day-to-day life, for example, in the youth programmes and in school where problems are often brought to me and I apply RC methods to help solve them.

I was the head girl in my former school and often met people who found humour in humiliating others. When they have been humiliated at home they like to oppress others. Using RC tools, I have encouraged them to think positively about themselves; then they can think well of others.

I have invited many youth to attend the RC workshop which will be held on April 26, 1996 in Nairobi. I attended one last year conducted by Sam Herbert. It brought many of us youth together and enabled the growth of RC in Kenya. Many of us have a lot of issues to go through. For example, Western culture creates a major conflict in our lives, a tendency to believe that "civilization" is copying developed nations like the U.S. We have a big challenge to look at development from our own point of view. We have been oppressed from colonial times up to now. Our parents have gone through many difficulties bringing us up in the urbanised setting created by the British. They have worked to help us fit our lives into this sort of society.

Many here appreciate the concepts of RC. Unlike professional counselling, where the counsellor thinks he or she is perfect and treats the client as less of a human being, in RC neither the counsellor nor the client is better. We are equal and want the best for each other.

I have learnt through RC to perceive all humans as precious. The false information we receive as we grow up gives us a different message, which is reflected in our attitude towards ourselves. It's been a struggle helping fellow youth to understand that RC is neither a political nor a religious movement. Its role is to undo false perceptions amongst the people. I also appreciate that RC encourages me to take charge of myself and my responsibilities and not to blame the past.

I am a writer and have been writing a lot. As a member of the Journalism Club, I do a lot of articles and weekly reports which are published in the school magazine. I am putting together some ideas which can be utilized by youth around the world. I like to read Young and Powerful and other articles that are published in Present Time.

Wandia Kironyo
Nairobi, Kenya

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