Enthusiasm in Turkey

We want to share our enthusiasm about a recent workshop. We were renewed. Here is our story.


Co-Counseling started here three years ago. Dave Reid, a working-class English man has been teaching powerful, feminist Turkish women, even though he speaks little Turkish.

I have been coming here from England once a year to lead weekend workshops. One of these workshops took place on March 22 to 24. My admiration and love for these women and David increased.

During this weekend I noticed my ability to create games and light activities to contradict the patterns of these powerful Turkish women. I was surprised by my own creativity. Being among these people whom I love and trust made the difference.

I am pleased to announce that the next fundamentals class will be taught by Bilge, a Turkish woman. This is important for me and for the Co-Counseling group in Turkey. Our next giant step is to organize an International workshop in Istanbul.


  • I liked Saime's leadership and the way she was clear about the importance of discharge and of regular sessions.


  • I liked the games.


  • I liked the opportunity to speak about myself as a man and to express my anxieties about what feminist women might think about me.


  • We liked coming together again under Saime's leadership, seeing people whom we had not seen for a long time, gathering and supporting each other, and feeling confident.


  • Reviewing and practicing the theory of Co-Counseling filled us with positive feelings during the weekend. There was an introductory meeting attended by new people where we refreshed our knowledge of RC.


  • It was great to be able to play games again. We had fun, laughed, cried, danced, and sang songs. We discharged a lot and realized once again that we are doing well, that we are getting rid of our patterns and solving our problems. This feeling united us. By keeping ourselves away from day-to-day problems for two days we found better ways of handling them.


  • We felt more encouraged to do regular Co-Counseling sessions.


  • Once more we realized the importance of discharge for getting rid of our patterns.


  • We discussed what is positive and what is difficult in getting Co-Counseling started in Turkey. We took positive steps towards the future.


  • We decided to join with other Co-Counselors and organize an International Co-Counseling workshop in Istanbul.


  • We experienced two new topics:
    1. "Women's sexuality." Saime's creativity and games made us sweat a lot.


    2. "What it means to be a man." Thanks, Dave. It was a wonderful step for us and just what was needed.


Hugs from each of us who contributed to this report.

Asli, Sema, Nurdan, Feyza, Bilge, Dave, Saime, Hayrünisa
Istanbul, Turkey

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