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Important Job Open*

Many people throughout the world are concerned about what distress patterns and the currently exploitative economic systems are doing to the earth. Many people are working to prevent and/or eliminate pollution, waste of natural resources, destruction of the ozone layer, global warming, and the extinction of species. The theory and practice of Re-evaluation Counseling have a significant contribution to make to these efforts. I believe it is time that the RC Communities had an International Liberation Reference Person for the Environment.

Harvey has asked me to solicit and review applications for this job. It requires someone with a good knowledge of RC who is well-grounded in one or more environmental efforts, and who has a commitment to taking bold leadership in this area.

There are many benefits! You will be forced to challenge all oppression and discharge your chronic patterns. You will do important and meaningful work. You will develop even deeper alliances than you now have. And you will earn the appreciation of all humans.

If you are interested, please write to me. Describe your qualifications, experience, and why you want the job. I will review the applications and forward them to Harvey for selection. Please include your address and phone number.

Julian Weissglass
Santa Barbara, California

*See "The Environment Is Also 'Targeted for Destruction" page 3, this issue

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