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Present Time No. 187

(Vol 50, No. 2)  April 2017



In the work on the environment, we need to focus more on class, and on race and class together. Racism has been used to install perpetuate, and distract us from classism, and we need to understand and challenge that.     

Tim Jackins

Table of Contents

Wide World Changing

  1. Building Unity Now: Standing for Humans and Opposing All Oppressions, Barbara Love
  2. Climate Change and RC
  3. You Have to Love Each Other, Harvey Jackins*
  4. Our Care-of-the-Environment Goal in First-Person Singular, A. Laurel Green
  5. Interviewing People about Their Connection to the Land , Nancy Faulstich
  6. Indigenous People Flyer
  7. A Report from Kenya, Wanjiku Kironyo
  8. No Limits for Women, on the Day Women Shook the World, Diane Balser
  9. Sexism Has Got to Go! , Tokumbo Bodunde
  10. We Are Going to Win, Cherie Brown
  11. Stepping out of Terror, with Other Women, Anonymous
  12. Finding Common Ground, Lori Leifer
  13. An Amazing Experience, Micaela Morse
  14. The Women’s March, Laurie Summers
  15. Marching with Black Women , Alysia Tate
  16. Visible as an Asian at the Atlanta Women’s March, Cornelia Cho
  17. People Were Able to Stay Counselor, Leyla Modirzadeh
  18. If you move...
  19. Let’s Say “Women”! , Amy Calandrella
  20. No Limits for Girls, Rebecca Mautner
  21. At the Women’s March in Bristol, England, Caroline New
  22. An Overview of No Limits for Women, Diane Balser
  23. Taking Impromptu Leadership, Dan Nickerson
  24. Breaking Out of Capitalist Society Is Necessary, Harvey Jackins
  25. You Get to Walk This Lovely Planet, John Braxton
  26. A Good Time to Talk about Anti-Semitism, Cherie Brown
  27. We Must All Stand Together , Pamela Faith Lerman
  28. Taking Leadership and Inviting People to Connect, Zoe Cohen
  29. Taking On Anti-Semitism for Our, and Everyone’s, Liberation, Dorann van Heeswijk
  30. Gentiles Must Interrupt Anti-Semitism, Jo Saunders
  31. No Limits for Women--Beijing Plus 20 DVD ad
  32. The Class Nature of War, Harvey Jackins
  33. Ad for Logical Thinking about a Future Society, Harvey Jackins
  34. Sharing My Thinking on How to Build a Movement, Bo-Young Lim
  35. Teaching RC to High School Students, Mary Pearson
  36. Math Students Learn to “Think and Listen” , An anonymous RC colleague
  37. You Are Not Alone, Jett Wayne
  38. When “Normal” Ends, Betsy Ames
  39. Experimenting with How to Communicate, MacClurg Vivian
  40. Speaking Out, Allan Hansen
  41. A Clear Analysis and Beginnable Program, Harvey Jackins
  42. My Guidelines for Using Facebook, Dan Nickerson
  43. Copyright Information
  44. Indigenous Peoples’ Day, Ken Sazama
  45. Engaging with Native People, Pamela Haines
  46. The Upward Trend at Work: Building a Cooperative Society, Chuck Barone
  47. Grateful for RC, Marsha Saxton
  48. “Good for Business”, Caroline New
  49. Against Irrationality Everywhere, Harvey Jackins
  50. Leading a Workshop after the U.S. Election, Steve Thompson
  51. Men Must Stand against Male Domination, Chris Austill
  52. Men Reaching for Humanness , Andy Vernon-Jones
  53. Less Violence, Rod Mitchell
  54. Support Sustaining All Life!
  55. Environmental Goal Posters

Counseling Practice

  1. Fighting Fully for Each Other, Tim Jackins
  2. I Just Want to Discharge, Mesfin Taye
  3. It Is Time to Update All Our Programs and Attitudes, Harvey Jackins
  4. Overdue, Sojourner Truth
  5. An Opportunity to Work on Terror, Lisa Blum
  6. Do Your Own Thinking, Harvey Jackins
  7. A Small Victory—No Room for Old Patterns, Hemaima Wiremu
  8. The Importance of Special Time, Kate Onyejiakor
  9. You’ll Re-emerge Beautifully, Sophie Glasser
  10. Some Confusing Effects of Discouragement , Karl Lam
  11. In the Most Favorable Position for Evolving into Leadership, Harvey Jackins
  12. Recovering and Reclaiming Our Roots, Juan Manuel Feito Guerrero
  13. Realize We Are Making Permanent Gains, Harvey Jackins
  14. Resolution versus Decision, Judy Kay
  15. New from Rational Island Publishers


  1. United with Jews, Michelle Thompson
  2. Mixed-Heritage People, Tatiana Elena Williams-Rodríguez
  3. Healing From War, Gudrun Onkels
  4. A New Dating Relationship, Anonymous
  5. Plan to Change the Entire Structure of Society, Harvey Jackins
  6. Confronting a Very Old Oppression, Nikki Berry
  7. Appreciation for Black Re-emergence, Brian Lavendel
  8. Artists’ Liberation , Emily Feinstein
  9. An Invitation to Hearing-Impaired People, Ruth McNeill
  10. Not One Nationhood above Another, Harvey Jackins
  11. The Importance of Harvey Jackins
  12. Older and Bolder No. 7

Teaching, Leading, Community Building

  1. Going the Extra Mile at the Nigerian National Workshop, Chris Akubuiro
  2. Addressing Colonialism and Climate Change, Nez Ibekwe
  3. An Amazing and Powerful Tool, Nwogwugwu Chuks Enyinnaya
  4. Reinvigorated about Life, Adekunle Akinola Akungba
  5. Making the Most of Co-Counseling, Onii Nwangwu-Stevenson
  6. The 2016-2017 Pre-World and World Conferences
  7. About “Going Public” with RC, Tim Jackins
  8. It’s a New Situation, Harvey Jackins
  9. One of the Most Hopeful Classes I Have Ever Led, Wytske Visser
  10. Teaching RC to Working-Class People, Terry Fletcher
  11. I Got RC, Julian Weissglass
  12. We Can Reach Them, Harvey Jackins
  13. Relaxed, Confident, Proud, Natural, Jenny Sazama
  14. Making Good Use of Online Communication, Diane Shisk
  15. New Teacher Packet Coming Soon!
  16. U.S. Liberation?, Harvey Jackins
  17. A Great Opportunity to Gather as Women, Brook Broughton
  18. An Eight-Week Class on Care of the Environment, Gail Mandella
  19. Starting a New RC Community, Tim Jackins
  20. Teaching Fundamentals in “Rough Terrain”, Marshall Ifeanyi
  21. Interpreting and Re-emerging, Pamela Ukaku
  22. Interprétation et réémergence, Pamela Ukaku
  23. Mastering RC, by Leading and Studying, Tim Jackins
  24. The Question Before Us, Harvey Jackins
  25. Appreciating Present Time

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