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The Question Before Us

The “capitalist” societies in the West, although on the brink of final collapse, have persisted until now. Such societies have emerged precariously in the underdeveloped countries and are also near collapse everywhere there (with their problems exacerbated by their domination, through “economic imperialism,” by the advanced “capitalist” countries).

There is today only one kind of society worldwide. This is divided, as always, into competitive warring nations. It is, however, everywhere a “capitalist” society.

This society is in collapse everywhere. Its departure is overdue. It will collapse from its own inherent contradictions. It cannot be maintained by the most brilliant of “solutions,” or the most submissive “willing sacrifices” of its victims, or the frantic efforts of its supposed beneficiaries.

The question before us is how to see to it that the inevitable collapse of this society does the least damage to humans and to the environment and the planet . . . [and] how a rational non-exploitative society can be helped to emerge to replace it.

Do I or anyone else have a “blueprint” for this process? No. Can the people of the world produce workable guidelines for this process and for the evolution and the functioning of a new rational society? Yes, I am quite sure they are able to do just this.

Can RC and RCers contribute significantly to this process? I think so. I think the theoretical clarity we have achieved about oppression and liberation can give this process a mighty impetus forward. I think the knowledge and techniques that we have evolved that in effect guarantee our ability (if we use them) to think more clearly tomorrow than we did yesterday can substantially reduce the confusion and suffering of the world’s people during this transition.

Therefore, I propose that we individually take initiatives toward widespread discussions on these questions, beginning with RCers but spreading out to all our contacts in the wide world.

Harvey Jackins

From pages 91 to 92 of “Things Are Changing Around Us,” in A Better World

(Present Time 187, April 2017)

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