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Reinvigorated about Life

Attending the Nigerian National Workshop and Family Workshop was a great privilege. I learned more about RC and how I can use it to change my life and my community. I was reinvigorated about life and what the future holds.

The introduction included dancing and singing and made me wonder when I last had such a fun and relaxing moment. I was able to discharge in the support group and regain some of my intelligence. Diane Shisk gave us hope for restoring our environment from the effects of climate change. The three-way session was an opportunity to discover my skills as a counsellor.

The Family Workshop made me remember how stubborn I was in my childhood days and how my parents responded to it. I was hurt by a lot of people when I was growing up, but now I know how to clean up these hurtful moments and move on.

Barbara Love opened my eyes to another dimension of internalized colonialism and the need for us as Africans to chart a new course for ourselves, by knowing we are beautiful, kind, good, honest, unique, loving, caring, and more.

Adekunle Akinola Akungba, Ondo State, Nigeria

(Present Time 187, April 2017)

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