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Gentiles Must Interrupt Anti-Semitism

The tacit permission and open encouragement of anti-Semitism in the present political scene in the United States, England, and mainland Europe requires our attention.

We understand the mechanism and why it is being deployed. Those with power and wealth need to keep society fearful and divided as they extort and exploit the population to ever-greater degrees.  Anti-Jewish oppression is being activated exactly as it was in the 1930s and throughout history. 

What is the implication for you who are Gentiles?

Harvey Jackins was explicit about the need for Gentiles to organise against this. 

I have two questions:

As stories abound of verbal attacks on Jewish leaders and of Jewish cemeteries and synagogues being targeted, have you figured out a place with your friends, amongst your community, or in your local paper where you can share the information about anti-Semitism that we have in RC and demand that the oppression be interrupted?

Are you seeking out your RC Jewish loves and checking how it is with them, bringing the phenomenon visibly into the light between you and assisting them to discharge? It is our own anti-Semitism that makes us go quiet and avoid initiating speaking about it with the Jews who are close to us and whom we love. 

Jo Saunders

Winchester, Hants, England

(Present Time 187, April 2017)

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