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Going the Extra Mile at the Nigerian National Workshop

It was a marathon—from COP22 to the African Pre-World Conference and then to the Nigerian National Workshop, all in one stretch. So much work; so much teaching and learning; so much discharge; so many friends, old and new, and new experiences and fun. And we were never tired, going the extra mile.

Over eleven RC Communities, including in Ghana and Cameroun, came to the November 2016 Nigerian workshop along with our beloved brothers and sisters from the United States: Tim Jackins, Diane Shisk, Barbara Love, Rudy Nickens, Marion Ouphouet, and Fela Barclift. We all gathered as one big family, united for our re-emergence.

That first evening all barriers were broken—to water the grounds, burst the balloons, deal with those dulling distresses, and get on our marks to be ready to go the extra mile.

The footlights came on and the stage was set for Tim to launch the kick-off. Soon after, he and Diane departed for the India Pre-World Conference. We missed them but were left in the good hands of our Beloved Bold and Brilliant Barbara Love and under the warming watch of other International leaders of high repute and the charming Chioma Okonkwo. With Barbara in the pilot’s seat and all our safety belts on, the engine started and we took off, cruising to our destination.

Early the next morning the voices of the wake-up callers chimed the time to arise and shine with their sweet song “Arise! Arise!! Arise!!!” Then we were up—strong, ready, and good to go for another day. The teaching of the basics of Co-Counselling was thoroughly delivered. Then support groups—for women, for young adults, and on the environment, child abuse, poverty and inequality, corruption, and COP21 and COP22.

Barbara did demonstrations to show practical examples of Co-Counselling, and most of us on board experienced coached counseling for the first time.

Barbara’s drumbeats rose to a crescendo with her exposition on imperialism and the impunity and impudence of colonialism, including all its aspects—religious oppression, inequality, racism, and of course internalized colonialism, which has become the bane of our present circumstance. Barbara presented in clear terms how our existence was dismantled, our people deprived, and our rich resources and heritage dispensed. We were disrobed, as our language and religion were labeled “barbaric.” We became “undeveloped” and “developing,” while the colonizers, with our resources in their hands, became “developed.”

From our disillusionment and distresses, Barbara’s drumbeats propelled us into new visions, missions, and actions. We will keep to discharge and re-emergence. We will take charge to build our world anew and afresh.

As we descended, we addressed the environment. We were urged to

  • take more interest in the care of our environment,
  • take another look at our counselling programme and skills,
  • take more time being a client, and more interest in our personal re-emergence,
  • acquire more knowledge of the theory, guidelines, and practice of RC,
  • do more discharging on our environment,
  • identify the effects of climate charge on our environment and on racism,
  • figure out what is to be done.

I discharged on the Niger Delta situation. I saw more clearly how to take care of my environment, and I have commenced new actions.

As we landed, we did farewells.

It was a cool, turbulence-free, and safe flight, with a smooth landing. Barbara Love, you are a great pilot.

Chris Akubuiro

Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria

(Present Time 187, April 2017)

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