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It’s a New Situation

The development of better communication channels in the wide world is an extremely favorable factor. We are still in the habit of thinking the good ideas will only spread over forty generations’ time . . . . This is no longer necessary. No longer at all.

Look what happened to the early wild enthusiasm in the United States for the Vietnam War. Within a few years, television had changed most U.S. minds about the war.

We had a peace activists’ workshop in February this year. We were able to say, “The Cold War is over.” Half the people there said, “Huh?” But it was. The Cold War was over. I was able to say, “You have ended the Cold War. Not alone, but with all the other peace people surrounding you to whom you furnished some helpful RC ideas, you made it impossible to continue the Cold War.”

Harvey Jackins

(in 1991)

From pages 83 to 84 of “Shall We Seize the Opportunity?” in A Better World

(Present Time 187, April 2017)

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