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You Get to Walk This Lovely Planet

A song to the tune of “Jesus Walked This Lonesome Valley,” with new words by John Braxton and Woody Guthrie

You get to walk this lovely planet
You don’t have to walk it by yourself
All of us here can walk it with you
You don’t have to walk it by yourself

Though the Greenland ice is melting
And the seas begin to rise
We’ll get wind and solar power
And some day we’ll build a world with clearer skies


Though the one percent gets richer
And they claim there’s no other way
This universe, it bends towards justice
So let’s speed that bending process right away


Though Donald Trump is a climate denier
And he’s from the billionaire class
We can treat this like constipation
As the doctor said, “This too shall pass!”


Though the road be rough and rocky
And the hills be steep and high
We can sing as we go marching
And we’ll build that one big union by and by


John Braxton

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

(Present Time 187, April 2017)

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