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“Ancient” Wisdom—Still Relevant!

Logical Thinking about a Future Society

by Harvey Jackins

Harvey’s 1990 pamphlet is not out of date. The following are a few headings: Change Is Possible • The Working Class Is Crucial • RC as the Previously Missing Tool • The Importance of Unions • Use Electoral Opportunities • Make Personal Contact • People Yearn for Meaning • The Role of RC.

And a few quotes:

“The use of the electoral processes for our purposes, not for the supposed purposes for which they’re set up, offers us great opportunity.” (page 39)

“How can we communicate a sense of urgency and of relaxed confidence at the same time? Isn’t that a real question? I don’t think we’ve solved it . . . but a lead [clue] would be, communicate the sense of relaxed confidence and people will provide their own urgency. What seems to be apathetic carelessness is almost always being numb with too much fear.” (page 54)

“You cannot replace [one-to-one communication], no matter how much your fears, timidities, and embarrassments would like to write leaflets and scatter them from airplanes. The only thing that works is one-to-one, eyeball-to-eyeball, nose-to-nose, knee-to-knee, discharge-to-discharge communication.” (page 65)

“Join and participate in the most basic, the largest, the most rational organizations available to one (a trade union, for certain, wherever possible) . . . Go, time after time, and bring somebody with you.” (page 68)

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(Present Time 187, April 2017)

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