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Appreciation for Black Re-emergence

Sometimes I like to sit with a piece of inspiring reading while I eat a breakfast of toast and tea. Today I had the good fortune of reaching for a copy of Black Re-emergence No. 12, copies of which had been made available to us at our Regional workshop last month—led, I might add, by LG Shanklin-Flowers, one of our organization’s African-heritage Regional Reference Persons.

I had to laugh at myself this morning because as I was reading the opening articles, especially the one in which Barbara Love tells her story of coming into leadership as International Liberation Reference Person for African-Heritage People, I became so engrossed that I forgot to pay attention as I reached for my cup of tea—and ended up spilling it. I am happy to report that my copy of the journal did not get soaked in tea and will be available for future inspiration at my breakfast table and beyond.

Thank you to the editorial team for this inspiring and engrossing journal. And what an inspiring model of working as a team to put out an important piece of upward-trend literature!

Brian Lavendel

Madison, Wisconsin, USA

(Present Time 187, April 2017)

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